About Us

Our Approach

Practical, Proven, and Easy to Learn Skills

The insights, skills, and strategies Optimum Associates teaches have been refined over 30 years, enabling us to address complex and sophisticated challenges by boiling the learning down to its essence. We provide “field-tested” skills and strategies that are easy to learn and easy to use for immediate visible impact and behavior change.

Focus on Improving the Whole Person, Not Just the Business Person

Optimum is committed to helping individuals not only improve performance at work, but also achieve work/life alignment, increase energy, manage stress, and improve their relationships and health. All of our programs include these components as a foundational core. 

Creating High Integrity Cultures

Our experience has allowed us to witness first-hand the positive and negative impact leaders can have on organizational culture. We work with leaders to help them create and maintain cultures that foster learning and innovation, collaboration and trust, and are “feedback rich”.

Blending Cutting-Edge Research with Real-World Application

We blend the latest, cutting-edge industry research with a strong emphasis on “real world” application. While all of our content is driven by values and strives for the highest ideals, we factor in the realities of power dynamics, human nature, perception and overall complexity that exist in organizations.

Global Perspective and Customization

Optimum Associates has worked with companies across several industries, in 5 continents, and more than 20 countries. This experience has given us an appreciation that no two organizations are alike. We place the greatest importance on flexibility, and carefully customize our programs to optimize their impact and sustainability for each client.

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