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Optimum’s history dates back to 1986, when Dr. Marty Seldman embarked on his career as an executive coach. After having spent the previous 14 years in various corporate training roles, Marty’s focus shifted, launching his career as one of the pioneers in the field of one-on-one executive coaching.

Since then, Marty has become one of the worlds most trusted and sought after executive coaches, having completed more than 1,800 individual coaching assignments. His experiences have given Marty powerful insight into the subtle nuances of how organizations work in the real-world. Marty has learned the critical skills leaders need to optimize their positive impact and reach their career potential, and how to provide these skills in ways that are highly practical and impactful. Marty has blended his expertise and background in the field of corporate training with the insights gleaned from his coaching experience  to create some of the industry’s most compelling, practical and innovative training programs, built to help leaders optimize performance both at work and in their personal lives. He has also written several books, including a New York Times best seller.

In 1998, Marty met John Futterknecht, who was in the early stages of his career as an executive coach and trainer. Marty instantly recognized John’s potential and took him under his wing. John quickly excelled and began travelling the globe, teaching leadership development programs and coaching leaders one-on-one.

In 2007, Marty and John co-founded Optimum Associates, with a mission to help leaders reach their career potential with integrity, optimize their positive impact on their organization, and achieve work/life alignment.

Today, Optimum Associates is a world-class leadership development and training company serving some of the world’s largest organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies. 

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