Our assessments all share a common approach, focusing on different aspects of performance, leadership, and career management. The assessments cover three critical areas:

  • Organizational Savvy
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Executive Stamina and Resilience

Simple Process

These are all self-assessments, allowing individuals to gain immediate useful information without the delays of a 360. The instruments can be completed in 15-20 minutes and participants instantly receive a confidential report.

Real-Time Education

The items in the assessments focus on specific behaviors that comprise key competencies in each area. As participants complete the assessments, they are deepening their knowledge and already beginning the learning process.

Individual and Team Reports

Once complete, the assessment report will highlight the areas where individuals have skill deficits or "blind spots". This information allows them to create their own development plans. If a team, or organization, take the assessment, a group report is provided that identifies the highest training priorities.

Coaching Tips

The assessment contains a one-page analysis for each competency. This includes a "watch outs" section which explains low score risks to performance, and/or career progression. Then the "Coaching Tips" section provides easy to implement techniques for improving your scores.


Assessment Types

Organizational Savvy Assessment

Organizational Savvy is a rapidly emerging workplace competency - a set of skills, strategies, and behaviors that will help you maintain your integrity while dealing with the realities of organizational politics. Operating with organizational savvy enables you to be effective in many ways, including:

  • Influencing and getting your ideas implemented;
  • Receiving recognition for your accomplishments and the career advancement you deserve;
  • Protecting yourself from deception, power plays, hidden agenda, and personal attacks.

Collaborative Leadership Assessment

We live in a world where not only does one person not have all the answers, no one has all the information. Collaboration is necessary for teams to make informed decisions, innovate, and have aligned execution. At the same time, the increased pace of change in the marketplace puts a premium on speed. To achieve both collaboration and speed requires a specific set of interpersonal skills we call "Collaborative Leadership". These skills create full participation and information flow; surfacing and resolving conflicts; maintaining mutual respect and trust; and alignment in decision-making and execution.

Executive Stamina and Resilience Assessment

"Executive Stamina" was published in 2007 and contains dozens of techniques that enhance the life of the whole person, not just the businessperson. Since that time there have been major breakthroughs in the fields of neuroscience and the science of peak performance. This assessment combines both clusters of essential skills .The same skills that lead to mental clarity, concentration, and high energy levels also increase happiness, engagement, and reduce stress. It focuses on important competencies like Work/Life Alignment, Resilience, Mental Toughness, Maintaining Health and Relationships, "Hardwiring Happiness", and Optimizing Your Time and Energy.

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