Are You More Resilient Than a 1 Year Old?

Written by Dr. Marty Seldman, Chairman and Co-Founder of Optimum Associates
May 16, 2016

ResilienceFacing setbacks or severe challenges, Resilient people have attitudes and skills that allow them to regain their confidence, composure and concentration. In addition to positive, proactive actions, their main advantage is that they have learned what NOT to do in these situations.

An easy way to examine both sides of resilience is to think of a 1 year old trying to walk. When babies are on the cusp of walking, very motivated but not yet fully coordinated, they might fall down 25 times in a day. But each time they fall they do 5 wonderful things:

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Self Talk: Common Sense is not Always Common Practice

Written by Dr. Ben Sorensen, Vice President at Optimum Associates
April 19, 2016

self-talkAs we are stretched more and more in our personal and professional lives, any small improvement in our productivity can have significant payoffs. Many recent academic studies provide empirical evidence that improvements in our emotional state are highly correlated with increased performance and productivity. Studies demonstrate that some of the most impressive evidence for brain plasticity is in emotional learning.  In effect, with proper training, an individual can rewire and reshape the emotional circuitry of their brain to maximize emotional performance. Based on leading research, and our own experience in working with thousands of executives around the world for over 30 years, it is clear that there is a direct correlation between job performance and the management of emotions.

One of the most proven strategies to increase awareness and adjust our emotional state is through Self-Talk...

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Women's Leadership Blog: Strategically Building a Personal Brand at Work

Written by John Futterknecht, President and Co-Founder of Optimum Associates
Feburary 29, 2016

appleandorangesAt Optimum Associates we are passionate about developing Women Leaders and helping them achieve their career goals. We have had the privilege of coaching over 600 women leaders, many of them from Fortune 500 companies, over the past several decades and supported them in successfully advancing their careers. This experience has allowed us to witness first-hand that certain skills, insights and strategies related to career management can be the difference between disappointment and frustration versus achieving success and obtaining what is deserved. It is evident today, more than ever, that women need to be deliberate and strategic in their career planning efforts. While many believe that hard work and results speak for themselves, the reality is that career planning plays a critical role in determining success as well.

There are several topics that seem to come up most consistently as critical areas Women Leaders should focus on. One of the more highlighted ones is Personal Branding...

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