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Customer Tells

Optimizing Success through Strong Client Relationships

What do championship poker players and world-class financial service professionals have in common?

The ability to read people.

Customer Tells, based on the innovative book by best-selling author Dr. Marty Seldman, Dr. Ben Sorensen, and John Futterknecht, focuses on the key concept of the “tell”—the ability to read mannerisms, to understand what clients mean but are not saying, and to respond accordingly.

In poker, tells help you know what cards a competitor holds. In selling, building relationships and growing trust, tells help you understand the client's subtle ways of communicating how they want to be treated, even if they can’t articulate it.

Based on thousands of hours of customer service training, Customer Tells teaches participants the practical skills of how to use listening, conflict resolution, and win-win conversations to pick up key traits about internal and external clients. Participants also learn the advanced skills in reading customers moment to moment to pick up such reactions as impatience, buying signals, and frustration. Finally, participants engage in an introspective process to not only understand their own personality and communication style but to read and adapt to the style of their clients.

Customer Tells is an ideal training program for any sales or client-facing group as well as back office team members.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to quickly gather information about your clients and prospects through tells and develop skills to respond to the information you get from them.
  • Understand communication style, body language, facial expressions, and word choices and what each reveals about a customer’s personality, values, needs, and expectations


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