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From Surviving to Thriving in 21st Century Business

Leaders in today’s global business environment are experiencing a “New Normal” as it relates to the demand on their time and energy. Organizations are becoming more complex, there are more meetings and calls, more time zones, more competitors, and more pressure than ever to over-achieve. It is no surprise that a growing number of leaders are finding themselves overwhelmed and chronically stressed. Not only does this reality pose a serious risk for burn-out and health issues, but these challenges can seriously impact their performance at work.

How We Can Help

Fortunately the latest research in the fields of Neuroscience and Psychology have proven that we can develop and enhance our Resilience. In this program, Optimum Associates will help participants do just that. Not only will the program teach participants the skills necessary to perform better at work, but the same skills will help them lead healthier and happier lives. The Resilience program is designed to help participants achieve the following core objectives:

  1. Increase your threshold for managing stress
  2. Enhance your capacity to learn, concentrate and think strategically
  3. Develop your ability to stay focused in the moment in midst of distractions
  4. Remain energized, enthusiastic and positive even under considerable duress
  5. Minimize the ways you get depleted by others and get “stuck” in unhelpful emotions
  6. Avoid costly career mistakes which come from being overwhelmed and depleted
  7. Ensure that you don’t compromise your Health, Relationships, and Values

Learning Modules

The Resilience Program consists of four core learning modules:

  1. Positive Resilience Practices
  2. Mental Toughness
  3. Controlling Your Calendar & Optimizing Time
  4. Avoiding Precious “Trade-offs” & Career Mistakes

Download the Resilience Program brochure to learn more about its objectives and learning modules


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